Why do some Singaporeans rent their kids ski gear instead of buying?

Kids. They grow like mad. One minute that $300 ski jacket fits like a glove and the next it’s in a bag for recycling or the samaritans.

Children’s winter rental gear is a new retail sector that’s taking off, as parents take advantage of finding gear online to rent as opposed to buy.

A popsicle is synonymous with the cold and www.popsicle.asia may sound new to you, but not to a couple of hundred satisfied customers.

Founded in 2014 by Maureen Knight, Popsicle has grown into a local phenomenon. Maureen — although you would be pushed to guess, is from Russia, where they really know how to keep wrapped up warm — uses her unrivalled knowledge of all things frozen to create a one-stop-shop for those going on vacation to colder climates.

Cold weather traveller Mrs Joy Tan, 43, attests ‘Maureen is so kind and helpful. She had everything that we needed for myself, my husband Benson, and our two children when we went skiing in Niseko earlier this year. So much cheaper to rent than buying it all. Maureen also went the extra mile and made sure that we were really well looked after.’

This eco-friendly company is also aware of the advantages of reusing and reducing client’s carbon footprints and is keen to point out that renting is much better for the environment than one use skiwear purchases. Popsicle has now also branched out into renting clothes for adults.

‘Save money and feel good about the environment,’ says Maureen, ‘and look great in the best gear!’

For those who have booked cold weather breaks or skiing trips for the upcoming holiday season, take a look at www.popsicle.asia and see what’s in store.