Will President Trump help or hinder the United States real estate market?


The United States welcomes foreign investors and the country presents great opportunities to investors. US house prices declined between 2007 and 2012 due to the Global Financial Crisis, but price growth has been strong for the last five years. It is expected that the market will remain strong as demand and construction activity are rising.

United States’ property market is open to all and sells real estate to non-Americans more or less exactly the same way it sells to its citizens. US banks offer financing to non-Americans but charge higher interest rates or demand larger down payments

New York has the highest house prices and studio and one-bedroom rentals earn more than larger apartments. In Downtown New York, houses cost an average of US$1,137 per square foot (sq. ft.) with rental yields of 5.6%. In Brooklyn, apartments cost US$1,027 per sq. ft. with rental yields ranging from 4.77% to 6.1%. In Queens, homes are less expensive starting at US$557 per sq. ft. but deliver higher rental yields of 6.6%.

California is also a prime property hotspot. In San Francisco, units cost US$1,081 per sq. ft. with rental yields of 6.5%. In Long Beach, houses are less expensive and cost US$481 per sq. ft. with yields of 7%. In Los Angeles, apartments rate are US$536 per sq. ft. with the highest rental yields in the area of 8.9%.

In sunny Florida, house prices are incredibly cheap compared to New York and California. In Miami, apartments cost US$460 per sq. ft. but can deliver the highest yields of up to 13.7%. Highly recommended!

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